Wednesday, 16 January 2013

I have been MIA... alot has happened

A lot has happened in the past... umm 12 months (apologies for being MIA) with a new job my focus was on that, and at times that kept me busy, I did keep up my gym schedule but eating fell over.... back to my old habits. I need to focus on my goals and move forward. I am not currently signed up to the 12WBT or the gym, both ended when I found out I was expecting our first little bundle of joy!! I'm currently 25 weeks, the countdown is on.... only 3.5 months to go till this bub arrives, then I will be signing back up to Mish's program and getting back into the fitness regime, needless to say I only put on 4kg since I first started the 12WBT (currently 74kgs) which isn't bad considering I'm growing another little human.

So in the next few weeks I might be talking more about the baby, well the pregnancy and the light fitness I have been doing.  In the mean time, I have been reading your blogs which have inspired me to do more exercise.

If you have any advice for me, pls feel free to let me know, first time mumma here :)

Chat soon
Tara x

Thursday, 16 February 2012

One day at a time......

Okay, so Week 1 has begun and everyone is off and running {literality} besides me that is… I am just not a pumped as I should be. I remember my first round. I was so pumped and motivated it wasn’t funny… this round, I’m feeling a bit blah… I am ½ heartedly following the meal plan, and exercise routine… it’s just me being lazy, which is me going back to my old self… I can’t be like this. I have to follow the plan 100% - no snacking on crap foods, no sneaking food in while no one is looking (I’m only hurting myself) I need to get focused and be committed 110%
Last night, I proved to myself anything is possible if I’m determined and focused… here’s what happened:
Every Wednesday night we have a mate come over for dinner and it normally a 'take-out' night. So last night, my husband and his mate decided that they wanted Crust pizza... Yum I thought... then I stopped and actually thought about the cals (and the health nutrition), and the chances of being able to have just one piece and salad... (not very likely), So I decided that I would get organized and make some meals up for the freezer and have that for dinner, but what could temp me to stay away from the pizza… Nat’s lasagna came to mind (I have never tried it before) I thought what the hell, give it a go everyone raves about it– so I did… the smell of pizza in the house was hell, luckily it was delivered smack bang in the middle of Mish’s live video (while mine was still cooking away I might add). I was so tempted to grab a piece and pretend like it was okay… but I didn’t.  I stuck with the lasagna and salad and felt so much better for it… and now have 4 meals in the freezer waiting for me on those long, tiring days...can’t wait for lunch today to see how well it reheats.

Only I can make changes in my life, only I have the willpower to stick to this program and be the best I can be…
And only I can make myself happy… and that’s what I’m doing…. One day at a time…

~ love life ~

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Time to get this boby is tip top condition......... I (along with my husband) have just decided to join up for the 12 Week Body Transformation - Round 1 2012.

This is our year to get fit and get back to being the best we can..... I love the strength and power Mish provides us all.... and this year i'm going to be a woman of my word!!! (and for all 12 weeks- last round i fell off the wagon in the 9 or 10th week... this year, this round is forever...

Much love!!!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

new job, new office... old me.

Okay, Hello.. it feels like I haven’t been on here for awhile… I have been super busy with friends and changing jobs!! So all my focus has been on that.
My workouts have also gone down a bit too… Since I’m in a new job I don’t want to be taking an hour for lunch to go to the gym (then you have to look at getting there and back and getting changed) so its more like 1.5hrs… not a great thing for a newbie to be doing… well until I can work out the team and what the norm is… thinking about getting to work early from now onwards and going to the gym before work… it makes my day so much longer but going after work is sometimes such a hassle…. – don’t get me wrong I’m not making excuses… just arranging my life to make everything work.

I have to also admit that my food has been shocking this past week… I have been on a sliding hill and feel like I can’t get my feet back on the ground again…. I need to get focused and NOT GIVE IN!
I read on the 12WBT Facebook page that a Canberra lady was giving up and would try to do it again next round.. and it really hit home that this is me. I could toss in the towel and try again next time (next time would never come) so I have been mentally focused on making this round (my first round) a success. There are still 4 (or so) weeks left and I’m not going to give up. 

Anyways, short n sweet.

Gotta go and get back to work.  Hope your all going well and reaching the goals you have aimed towards.

Good Luck,

Monday, 17 October 2011

Photo Montage Challenge

I totally missed this weekly challenge, been off my game for a couple weeks now... here it is- better late than never xx

PS- I absolutely HATE the DEC 2010 pic... I can't wait to get my photo taken this Christmas...!!  

Friday, 14 October 2011

I'm giving myself permission...

I love this pic I found on the website (along with a thousand other which I’m sure I will post over the next weeks)
It rings TRUTH to my ears….. I am someone who sometimes thinks of all the negatives things that I have done in my life (mainly my teenage years) - from over eating and being suicidal and depressed to becoming someone I once admired to be… Working out 6 days a week and eating right (well most of the time).  
I get one chance of this life and I’m gonna make it count!!! There is no fucking way this life is going to slip by while I waste time thinking about the past- who I was, what I did and how I treated myself and others… things have changed, I have changed.

This is my life and I’m giving myself permission to enjoy it!!
Luv lil t  x